Certified Company ISO 9001-2008


Energy cogeneration

Our cogeneration projects are integrated, working in all industrial processes, aiming for maximum thermal integration and energy saving. Our thermal balance technology is considered the best in the market, and our projects obtain a much higher efficiency in power generation thanks to the use of sugarcane waste, a solution developed by our company that generates a large surplus of electric energy for exporting.

The bagasse resulted from the milling is used as fuel in the boilers to generate steam.
With an optimized thermal balance, besides fulfilling all the energy demands from the industrial process, it also generates energy for exporting purposes.

Still little used for electricity generation, this excellent quality biomass can double the generation of surplus electric energy. All the technology to improve the thermal balance of the plants and distilleries, as well as the use of the straw for generation of great surplus of electrical energy, are our company expertise.