Sugar Cane

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Sugar Cane Ethanol

Compared to other conventional fuels, the sugar cane ethanol decreases the greenhouse effect gas emissions up to 90%. Today, the sugar cane is considered the most efficient raw material in the market. Among all the elements available to produce ethanol, the sugar cane is the simpler and most productive, which gives Brazil an important edge in ethanol production in the world today. With over 30% of the world's production, Brazil is the second largest producer in the planet. The sugarcane ethanol is a clean fuel source, has high productivity per hectare and high yields as an energetic source.

Since 1990, our company has established itself as one of the leading specialists in sugarcane ethanol in the country. Since then we have already designed several complete plants, as well as hundreds of projects to increase industrial production, installation and equipment and other processes of ethanol production. We are specialists in the processes of fermentation, broth treatment and distillation.

We work with the latest trends and technologies available in the market, designing modern factories, respecting and preserving the environment, following the motto of "Zero Effluent Release".

Our expertise in sugarcane ethanol is what enabled us to integrate with corn ethanol, as we engineered the first flex ethanol plant in Brazil.